About JunEscapes

JunEscapes is my personal blog where I share about my life. This little blog is also a reminder for myself – to always focus on the important things in my LIFE. I hope, by reading my blog, it will help you to remember what is truly important to you too! I will be writing in both Chinese & English, maybe even mixing them as true Malaysian Chinese do =). JunEscapes mainly consists of 3 parts sharing:

1.) Living a Lifestyle

I will be sharing things that helped me in my daily living here, hopefully, you will find them helpful too. This is how I mean by LIVING:-
  • Keep Healthy – healthy body >> eating well, working out, positive mind,  and spirit
  • Quality time – relationships & connections with families & friends
  • Personal Growth – continual learning, self-awareness & open to various possibilities.
  • Financial – financial freedom
  • Having a Goal – knowing what you striving for & what you want.
P/S: Remember, TIME is PRECIOUS!!

2.) Sharing session

‘Interest’ is something that I abandoned long ago when I adopted the hectic lifestyle as a working adult.
I often hear: “This is my interest!! somehow I got no extra time for this…”
It’s kinda sad to hear when someone time is completely occupied by works. After quitting work and rediscovered my interest, it is my pleasure to share what makes me happy with you. I hope it may bring joys to you too!

3.) Travel

I love to travel as much as you do! For me, I treasure travelling not only for the fun of exploring but also for the companionship and the quality time spent with my travel mates!


Don’t make the LACK OF TIME be an excuse for missing out on things that you deemed precious!

4) Financial

This is where Paxson and I share about what we learn on our yet to complete path down the road of financial freedom. We will share what we know, and hopefully, you will chip in too!